New from Nest: Family Accounts and Home/Away Assist

Nest does so much more than control your home’s temperature. Nest learns your habits, adapts to your life, and helps you save as much energy (and $$$) as possible.

Up next for Nest: two fantastic features that make it easier for your and your family to achieve comfot. Family Accounts allow for all your family’s devices to control Nest, and Home/Away Assist allows Nest to automatically adjust your settings based on your location.

Learn more about the latest Nest updates here. Watch the video below to see how Nest helps your home take care of you.

Like everything with Nest, these new features are intuitive and completely personalized.

Wondering why to go high-tech with your HVAC system? Here’s a simple reason: ample savings. According to recent studies, home owners saved 10-15% on their heating and cooling bills. Click here for a full look and Nest’s ability to boost your efficiency.