In-Depth: Control Your Home with Savant

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Savant, a system that controls your entire home through a single app. Here are the top few reasons we employ Savant technology when upgrading our clients’ homes for the 21st century…

It’s Completely Personal
Whether you’re creating a perfect living room for movie night or want your music distributed to every room via wireless speakers, Savant will scale with you.

The Savant Host can control simple set-ups or whole-home platforms.

It’s Compatible with Nearly Everything
Home technology is evolving at the speed of innovation. New devices hit the market every week, and options abound for making your home work for you. We love Savant because it’s committed to staying flexible and robust. From Sonos speakers to Nest thermostats to automated Lutron lights and shades — Savant interfaces with all the major brands your home deserves.

Savant integrates perfectly with wireless speakers, streaming devices, TVs, lighting, and more.

Did We Mention the App?
All your control, all in one place. Despite the plethora of home tech options available on the market, Savant truly allows for simplified, single-app control. It’s a very intuitive interface that you can easily customize. Even house guests won’t fret over adjusting a room for their comfort or streaming Netflix on the TV in the guestroom.

Available for all major smart devices, the Savant app offers unrivaled control of your environment.

The Savant Remote Will Change the Game
We’ll have more details soon, but suffice it to say that Savant’s new Remote is about to change the way you manage your comfort and entertainment. As smart home technology matures, it’s up to devices like this to rein in all your various tech.

Our initial experience with the Savant Remote left us very impressed. It features a simple and intuitive design, and it feels great in-hand.

Learn More About Savant
For an overview of Savant’s capabilities, click here. Or, learn how Savant can upgrade your life in five easy steps by clicking here.

Of course, contact us with your questions, too. We’re happy to discuss the man ways Savant will pair with your lifestyle.