Where to Find 4K Right Now

In our ongoing quest to amplify your entertainment, here’s a quick guide to the latest in 4K content. As we evolve from current HD displays, producers and broadcasters are working to fill the gap of 4K TV shows, movies, and sports.

Sports on Univision
Sony teamed up with Univision recently to test-out 4K streaming of matches in specific markets. Throughout 2016, Univision plans to broadcast more live events in 2016. Read more here.

While major networks haven’t yet announced plans to broadcast the NFL, NBA, or MLB in 4K, stay tuned in 2016. As 4K TVs, cable boxes, and DVRs proliferate the market, sports broadcasters will surely catch up.

Over 600 hours of 4K TV and movies are promised before the end of 2016 from Netflix. This pales in comparison to the millions of hours of plain-old HD content currently available, but fret not. More is on the way.

Eager to get started now? Check out Jessica Jones or Daredevil Season 2 — both available now. For the foodies out there, Chef’s Table is a tribute to beautiful gastronomy, all filmed in 4K. Don’t forget the modern classic House of Cards, now streaming in 4K (another reason to re-binge the whole thing).

Here’s a full list of everything currently streaming on Netflix in 4K.

Amazon Instant Video

With a Prime subscription to Amazon, you’ll unlock Instant Video. It’s a great companion to Netflix and Hulu because it offers content you might not find elsewhere. AND NOW THIS: over 600 titles available in 4K streaming.

For a full look at everything available in ultra HD on Amazon, click here to explore a list by 4k.com.

Digital Downloads & DVRs
More and more digital downloads will be available in 4K options in the months to come.

For movie lovers, we recommend the Kaleidescape Strato, which stores and organizes all of your physical and digital content. DVDs, Blurays, 4K downloads…it’s ready for everything.

Read more about why we’re fans of Kaleidescape by clicking here.

For streamers and fans of the latest shows from network TV, we recommend the TiVo Bolt.

TiVo’s latest set-top playback device broke the mold and now offers 4K compability. The Bolt also features a new Skip Mode that breezes through commercials with a single click. Check out our review here.

Waiting on the Rest
Among those we’re waiting for, AppleTV is at the top of our list. The latest version of the device does not include 4K support, but chances are this will change soon. Apple is well-known for waiting for a technology to mature before fully embracing it.

Apple fans are eagerly hoping the upcoming 5th generation player will provide handle 4K streaming (no official word yet from the tech giant on its future plans).

We’ll continue to monitor and report on the latest in 4K content. Stay tuned for updates. For an in-depth analysis of TVs and devices necessary for 4K content, click here for a great post from Electronic House.