The best thing to happen to movie night since popcorn

Is your family a movie-night family? Does everyone have a favorite spot on the couch? Do you have a popcorn expert in charge of perfect salt and butter proportions?

Movie lovers, meet the Kaleidescape Strato.

It’s the world’s first movie system capable of handling all your DVDs, all your BluRays, and all your HD and 4K digital downloads. With Kaleidescape, everything is stored in one place, and you have one-touch control.

With Strato, your entertainment goes mobile. Browse your entire collection and stream to any device in your home. All with Kaleidescape’s groundbreaking interface and search functions.

Kids love Kaleidescape, too. With a special remote all their own, kids can access content just for them (and parents can create folders and block content not meant for younger viewers).

We’re not the only ones who love Kaleidescape. The reviews speak for themselves, including a Best New Product Award from CEDIA.

Learn more about Strato here, and contact us if your movie nights need an upgrade.