Are You Ready For 4K TV?

It’s ready for you, but are you ready for 4K?

First, a brief overview. Ultra-high-definition (UHD) televisions, also known as 4K, are the next evolution in clarity for digital displays. 4K TVs vastly improve the number of pixels per square inch. This means a crisper, more-detailed picture where color, motion, and clarity are all increased.

As Eletronic House Points out, The Future of 4K is Bright in 2016. Almost every major manufacturer is launching 4K products, including Sony.

You might also recognize the iconic curved design of some 4K televisions, like Samsung’s stunning 65″ option.

While a majority of production companies are not YET churning out movies and TV shows in full 4K compatibility, changes are happening fast.

Netflix and Amazon offer 4K streams of certain films, along with Comcast and YouTube. There’s also our favorite platform for cinema lovers, Kaleidescape’s Strato, which is ready to store and stream all your 4K files.

CNET offers a detailed breakdown of where and how to find 4K content. But pay attention — this list is growing very quickly.

You might not be ready for 4K, but the world around you is quickly preparing for the next wave of high-definition video. Soon enough, you’ll want to consider an upgrade.